My Roller Skating Accident

In today’s article I will be writing about My Roller Skating Accident. If you’re interested in my accident and how I treated my injuries then stick around. 

Also, just a warning before you read or look any further there will be pictures showing my injuries so if you are easily grossed out you may want to skip this article. 

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Before the Accident

So I and my father (the owner of roller skate dad) have been skating outside because of the pandemic like most every skater. 

We skate at our local lake because it has a really smooth paved road area which is great for skating outdoors if you’re normally an indoor skater. 

I and my dad decided to go skating on a Sunday like we usually would if we were going to our local rink. 

We typically drive down to the lake so we don’t have to walk there and back with skates but this day we decided to walk. 

My father told me that we should skate down to the lake which we have NEVER done before but I said yes so we put on our skates and we started to skate down there. 

The road was bumpy and very hilly, so I was going faster than I usually do which made me a little nervous because I don’t wear pads or a helmet when I skate outside (which is stupid by the way).

The Accident

My dad was going faster than me, so I was behind him skating a little too fast for my comfort. 

I’m super bad at stopping going forwards so I turn around and stop that way but if you don’t know if you’re on a bumpy road and you are going fast you can’t turn around SAFETY and stop. 

I and my father start to go down this hill and I start to panic because I know I need to start stopping soon (this is were everything goes wrong).

This is when I try to stop going forward it doesn’t work I’m still going way too fast down this hilly that is right by a stop sign and an intersection so I was quite scared, to say the least. 

When I reach the bottom of the hill I know I need to slow down but I don’t know-how so I skate right into the side of the road by a bunch of vegetation (big hurt). 

I get up and see that almost all of the right side of my body is scraped and cut.

 This is when I start scream crying because I never fall my dad had waved down the incoming car and started to slowly skating towards me.  

The very nice people in the car asked if we needed a ride home and we said no. He gave me his shirt so that way the bleeding on my right leg would stop. 

After the Accident

After we walked home, I went to my bedroom and took a bunch of pictures. My dad told my mother who is a trained EMT so she could clean me up so my wounds wouldn’t get infected. 

I took a bath and then she cleaned my leg and my arm since they were the worse and my arm was actually brown because of the scrap and the pavement on the road. 

To make this a little shorter my leg, arm, and elbow had to be bandaged and moisturized with antibiotics. 

The scraps on my stomach and my upper leg healed faster than my arm, my right hand, and knee so I had to keep them bandaged for about two weeks.

I’m so grateful that my mom helped fix me up she also bought me this scar cream that worked wonders for my arm and my knee.

Heres the link to it: Honeydew Scar Cream. 

All in all my scraps healed in about a month because I kept them clean and moisturized also I slept a lot (that always helps). 

Wrap Up

Well, how did you like my article on My Roller Skating Accident? I hope my story will encourage you to always know your limits and to wear pads, seriously wear a helmet or some wrist guards at least.

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