Best Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates by Age

Roller skating is so much fun, but getting the right skates can be a challenge. Skates for kids are different for those for older adults. In this area, we breakdown skates by age and gender so that you can find the perfect pair for you.

Best Roller Skates by Type of Skating

Finding the best roller skates has a lot to do with the kind of roller skating you plan to do. Roller derby skates, artistic skates, speed skates and outdoor skates are all different from each other because of the type of skating you are trying to perform. In this area, we breakdown the best skates based on the type of skating you will do most.

History of Roller Skates

Here at Roller Skate Dad, we love trying out all kinds of different skates. And, there have been so many great roller skate brands throughout the years. In this area, we cover the history of roller skates and the people who make them. 

Best Vanilla Skates

One of me and my kids favorite skates are by a company named Vanilla (or VNLA). They are best known for making quad jam / speed skates. In this area, we have several roller skate reviews and our recommendations around the best Vanilla skates.